My name is R.A. Ortuso,

I am a screenwriter, film reviewer, hip-hop enthusiast and sporting fan. Creativity is the most precious gift anyone possesses, it has the ability to send a man to the moon, build a skyscraper that pierces through the clouds, direct a culturally significant film or write a beautiful piece of music that changes the world.

RATE-OMETER — Whenever I review a film, album, TV season/episode, video game or song; I impose a final score at the bottom of the article. This is the system I use:

10 — ELITE

9.8-9.9 — SUPERB

9.5-9.7 — AMAZING

9.0-9.4 — AWESOME

8.5-8.9 — EXCELLENT

8.0-8.4 — GREAT

7.0-7.9 — GOOD

6.0-6.9 — AVERAGE

5.0-5.9 — TOLERABLE

4.0-4.9 — BAD

3.0-3.9 — TERRIBLE

2.0-2.9 — SHOCKING





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