Steve Jobs Review

Biopics of today go far beyond the convention of the figure’s birth and origin. Instead, opting for a different style: beginning at key events in that figure’s career; The Social Network opened with a conversation between Zuckerberg and his college crush, showing how neurotic the founder of Facebook was. Danny Boyle full embraces this style of filmmaking on a bigger level, examining the mind behind Apple through three iconic product launches — backstage.

Aaron Sorkin is a master of establishing characters through witty dialogue and with Steve Jobs, he crafts another screenplay worthy of all the recognition it receives. Telling the story in a unique way, with flashbacks and other people in Jobs’ life who contributed to his success.


Seth Rogen, Kate Winslet and Jeff Daniels are key supporting actors that add panache. Seth Rogen, in his first serious turn, doesn’t disappoint as Steve Wozniak — friend and collaborator of Steve Jobs who constantly heckles him about acknowledging a pivotal piece of technology in Apple’s staple: Apple II; Kate Winslet is awesome as the nuanced marketer Joanna Hoffman. Her subtle Polish-infused accent is masterfully used, in what could be an Academy Award calling. Jeff Daniels is John Sculley, former CEO of Apple trying to reconcile with Jobs over a falling out.

Michael Fassbender perfectly embodies the role of Apple’s founder, creating something much bigger than himself. His lead performance is another home run for Sorkin, whose lead characters in his last three movies have all been nominated for Academy Awards. Danny Boyle’s trademark use of superimposed imagery is well utilised here, even if I felt the film could’ve offered more story-wise.

VERDICT — Steve Jobs is a riveting look at the man behind Apple. Michael Fassbender is great in this lean biopic.


MVP: Michael Fassbender.


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