Room Review


One of the many deserving Best Picture nominees at the prestigious 2016 Academy Awards, Room is the harrowing and beautifully poignant story about Joy Newsome, a 24 year old girl who is tragically abducted by an older man at the age of 17 and is kept underneath a shed for the next eight years by a middle-aged creep referred to as Old Nick.

She raises her son Jack, who has never experienced the outside world. The result of continual rape, inflicted upon by Old Nick. He is five years old and adamant the outside world doesn’t exist, making Joy’s challenge even more bothersome. Old Nick is a mysterious, perverted individual that drops in throughout the first half of the film to resupply the two with groceries and antibiotics — also having sex with Joy.

After numerous attempts at escape, Joy finally has a plan that just might work! Despite being a drama, the film does hone its fair share of elements that could well classify it as a thriller. The characters and their dilemmas make them believable and worth investing in. Presenting two narratives for both halves of the movie: a claustrophobic, gritty quasi-thriller; followed by a coming-of-age drama that was tragically postponed due to an abduction that changed the course of plenty lives.

Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay is mesmerising as the mother-son duo and the supporting cast is joined by the likes of the seasoned William H. Macy, whose character is unfairly given little screen time and not enough chance to develop properly. The second half sadly loses a bit of steam, due to its one-house setting. Which gave little insight moving forward.

VERDICT — A moving tale that represents the bond between a mother and son held captive physically and spiritually, and what they must accomplish to overcome their demons. While it could’ve offered a little more, the film is a huge talking point of this year’s Oscar season.


MVP: Brie Larson. ‘nough said.



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