Concussion Review


Will Smith plays Dr. Bennett Omalu, a Nigerian pathologist who discovers indisputable evidence that the bumps and hits NFL players endure have a long-term detrimental impact on their health.

The NFL attempt to suppress the information, in order to keep Americans watching the sport and not blemish their recruitment drive. The supporting cast consists of Alec Baldwin, Albert Brooks, David Morse and rounded off my Arliss Howard. Their presence is definitely felt, but the true highlight of the film is Will Smith, who delivers a towering performance that was unfortunately overlooked by the Academy. Nevertheless, it is one of the portrayals of the year — his strong Nigerian accent and humble motives make Dr. Omalu a heroic archetype worth rooting for.

The film does have its moderate share of problems. The story is cluttered and features some unnecessarily cheesy moments with its dialogue. Concussion also suffers from tedium, that cripples the film’s ambition of masterpiece status.

VERDICT — An average biographical sports film that’s anchored by a towering performance from Will Smith.


MVP: Will Smith.


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