The Town Review

Ben Affleck directs, writes and stars in The Town. A bank robber who develops feelings for one of his hostages during his latest heist. Jeremy Renner co-stars as James Coughlin, a hardened street-wise bank robber who receives the film’s only Oscar nomination. His portrayal of the hardened, street-wise bank robber is the more likeable element of this otherwise disappointing movie.


The film slowly builds up its internal drama by dividing the characters and presenting a good platform for what could’ve been executed better. Instead of taking us deeper into uncertainty, the film becomes generic. Affleck does make good use of his Boston landscape (as he always does), which adds more credibility to the tempo of the film before the halfway point. The other characters are rendered uninteresting though, due to poor development (excluding Jeremy Renner).

VERDICT — What could’ve climaxed in a heart-wrenching finish ends with a flat, generic sentimentality. The Town is a disappointing, conventional heist movie missing that WOW factor.


MVP: Jeremy Renner.


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