Future – DS2 Review

Future released Ds2 in July 2015, after a nonstop run of mixtapes through 2014 going into 2015. The 18-track LP is a culmination of Future’s autotune-infused legacy. As he explains on the penultimate song (assuming you’ve heard the deluxe version) “Kno the Meaning”: “my hard work finally catchin’ up with perfect timing”; The realest statement on the album, and one that resonates with his current thought process.

Metro Boomin’ is on a huge portion of the album, using Future’s flow as a platform for his bass-heavy trap. They’re frequent collaborators, and Atlanta natives who feed off of each other’s own vision. On the surface, Metro Boomin’ is under Future’s wing due to the decade-old age difference, but both artists are really in the same headspace and have creatively peaked at the same time.


This album transcends your average trap music, on this LP we see Future at his most emotional, self-destructive and versatile. There’s only a single feature on DS2. Future once again restricts who spits bars with him. That person who was granted permission to collaborate with him… Drake, who would eventually go on to ride a huge wave of momentum towards the backend of that year. Jumping on one of the most successful singles of 2015, “Where Ya At”: a wonderful precursor to their mixtape “What a Time to Be Alive”.

VERDICT — Barrier-breaking, unrelenting and versatile. This is Future at his most personal and self-destructive. Crafting arguably his greatest work to date and a true benchmark in trap music.


BEST TRACK: Where Ya At? (ft. Drake) — Wonderful precursor to their eventual 2015 mixtape. Certified platinum, it’s one of Future’s most successful songs.


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